quick update... i'm back home en el valle and feelin the wintry gloom take over in all kindsa ways, just wanted to share this chilling vid of miss polly jean harvey on some weird french tv show i think. her voice kills me.


show5 (10/19): ritmos infecciosos

Kankyema - Vis A Vis
Nomo – Divisions
Uniao Black – Na Palma De Mao
Sydney Miller / Moraes Moreira - Dos Anjos/Se Voce Pensa (Mixed by Andy Votel)
Bossacucanova – Smaba Da Minha Terra
Os Novos Baianos – Tinindo Trincado (Mixed by Andy Votel)

(Os Novos Baianos – A Menina Danca)

Kashmere Stage Band – Headwiggle
Jimmy McGriff – Tight Times
Combo Tiempos Nuevos – De La Fiesta La Mejor
Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo – Y Viva La Felicidad
Eddie Palmieri – Everything is Everything
Tony Allen – Hustler
Nombres – Todos




...from the hot light of the streets, from the glare of millions of camera lenses... from the heat coming off in waves from computers, from wires, from the toxicity of speech... at the sight of a cramped room filled with people who sweat and jiggle in gyms instead of walking/running/biking/skating/whatever... From self-regulation, from frustration, from all kinds of junk seeping into my pores...

On that note, (was there even one?) this show was dedicated to un amigo de un amigo. Keep hittin up billboards, kids.

Rites of Spring - "Hidden Wheel"
Joy Division - "Disorder"
Dead Prez - "Wolves"
Sonic Youth - "Against Fascism"
Tyondai Braxton - "Stand There"
The Microphones - "Get off the Internet"
Negativland - "Announcement"
Boris - "Ano Onna No Onryou"
Lungfish - "Cleaner Than Your Surroundings"
T.S.O.L. - "I'm tired of Life"
Daniel Johnston - "Desperate Man Blues"
Dirty Projectors - "Police Story"
Ariel Pink - "Suicide Notes"
The Rapture - "The Coming of Spring"
Prefuse 73 feat. MF Doom & Aesop - "The Blacklist"
Patti Smith - "My Generation"
Sleater Kinney - "Oh!"
Heavy Vegetable - "Abducted by Work Aliens"
My Bloody Valentine - "(When You Wake) You're Still in A Dream"
Talking Heads - "Stay Hungry"
Faust - "Just a Second (Starts Like That!)
The Beatles - "Blue Jay Way"
Apparat - "Not a Number"
Owls - "I want the Quiet Moments of a Party Girl"
Liquid Liquid - "Optimo"

I also read a bit from William Burrough's The Electronic Revolution over Pink Floyd's "Sheep" (a free read on Scribd) and tonight's special guest Matt Damon on Palin (My favorite part is about 0:39 sec. in)"...It's like a bad Disney movie..."


show2: baile y ritmo parte uno

what makes yr hips shake 'n sway, yr feet twitch? what my summer sounded like.

mix included:
Los Hijos del Sol - Si Me Quieres (has been stuck in my head all fuckin week)
Los Mirlos - Muchachita del Oriente
Juaneco y Su Combo - Ya Se Ha Muerto mi Abuelo
Gorillaz - Latin Simone (Qué Pasa Contigo) - con Ibrahim Ferrer
Mercedes Sosa - La Carta (homenaje a Violeta Parra)
Eno/Byrne - Mea Culpa
Digitaldubs - Sorriso Sinistro
Mexican Institute of Sound - Killer Kumbia
Nortec Collective - Norteña del Sur
Manu Chao
- Clandestino
Think of One - Samba Belga
Kronos Quartet y Alejandro Flores - El Llorar
Os Mutantes
- Ave, Lucifer
Savath y Savalas - Interludio 44
Juana Molina - Tres Cosas

Y para mi compadre...

The songs by Los Mirlos, Juaneco y su combo, y Los Hijos Del Sol are from The Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbia from Peru. The record company that put out the CD says;

"Chicha started out in the late 60’s, in the oil-boom cities of the Peruvian Amazon. Cumbias Amazonicas, as they were first known, were loosely inspired by Colombian cumbias but incorporated the distinctive pentatonic scales of Andean melodies, some Cuban guajiras, and the psychedelic sounds of surf guitars, wah-wah pedals, farfisa organs and moog synthesizers. Chicha, which is named after a corn-based liquor favored by the Incas, quickly spread to Lima. It became the music of choice of the mostly indigenous new migrant population – mixing even further with rock, Andean folklore and Peruvian creole music.... (more here)


show1: rowdy kids two-faced mix (9/21)

side1 "vocal studies + hip-hop narratives"
Kid Koala -
Left Side (Your mom's favorite DJ)
MF Doom - Powder
(metalfingers presents special herbs: the box set)
DJ / rupture - Flop We
Aesop Rock - Number 9
Peanut Butter Wolf &Madlib - The Wigflip
Jay-Z & B.I.G - Allure (Ratatat Remixes vol.2)
Dabrye feat. Invincible & Finale - Viewer Discretion
Jean Grae - Keep On Livin'
Busdriver & Radioactive w/ Daedalus - Name Forgetter
Del the Funkee Homosapien - Boo Boo Headz
Outkast - Behold a lady
Daedalus - Make it so
Prefuse 73 - Afternoon Love In
De La Soul - Voodoo circus

side2 - "is yr TV dead yet?"
Parts & Labor - Fractured Skies

Japanther - Cable Babies
Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish
Dinosaur Jr. - Lightning Bulb
Medications - Magazines for Entertainment
Alternative TV - Action Time and Vision

Rocket From the Crypt - On A Rope
LiLiPut - feels like snakes twisting through the fog
Talking Heads - Artists Only
Petula Clark - Il Y A Tellement De Filles
David Byrne - Desconocido Soy


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